Tuesday, March 31, 2015

7 Months Down 11 to go

Hey ya'll! I'll be honest there's not a whole lot to tell ya about this week... it's a shorter week cause P day was on tuesday last week and with the new change we've had some meetings and stuff. So nothing TOO exciting has happened. Exciting things to look forward to though:) Conference is this week!! It's more exciting than Christmas man. We get to travel to Piriapolis both saturday and sunday. We're going with our ward and its gonna be way fun! Ahh I can't wait. And also we found out that this change someone from the twelve apostles is coming to our mission to speak to us. That's gonna be AWESOME.
Also, other fun news. We have a new viajante hermana that came to live with us cause the other one went home. And its the hermana that I went proseliting with my very first day here in the Uruguay. She's basically my favorite person on this planet so I'm super excited about that. We have the best house of sisters everrrr! 
Other thing... I FINALLY got the chance to go to a restaraunt! We went on P day and I got to try a chivito and it was SOO so good. I'll send pics cause it was ginormous haha. 
As far as the last few days... It's been interesting. On saturday it ended up being kind of a last minute thing and we ended up  coming into Montevideo to the hospital to get some more tests done for my health. We finished super late so the secretaries had to come pick us up and we stayed in the extra room in the Burnett's house. And we had to go to church here in Carrasco yesterday which was kind of fun and we ate lunch at these members house that all know english so it was super weird talking to them in english. After that, The Burnett's got home and they made us hamburgers for dinner and we ended up having to spend the night here with them AGAIN because we had to go back to the actual doctor today to get more of a check up. So we spent the night with the Burnett's and that was great because Elder Burnett is the most spiritual enlightened man I know so we were able to ask him all of our deep doctrine questions and i learned so much! And he also surprised me with a package from mom!! woo hoo! He saw it aat the offices so he brought it back with him to give to me. It was the biggest blessing because we didnt come here prepared with ANYTHING so it was nice to have some new clothes to change into. Thanks mama:)
As far as the medical stuff... we still have NO idea. The doctors here are pretty ridiculous. I have to go have MORE tests done this week. So we have to come back and stay the night tomorrow night and go super early in the morning on wednesday. And then come back again on Monday morning to see what the results end up being. It's gonna be an insane week and I have absolutely no idea when we'll have time to work in our area... but hopefully we can still find some investigators and help the people that we do have!
Sorry there's no cool experiences to share this week... next week will probably be a pretty lame email too but hopefully I'll at least have some more answers about my health and we will have conference to share about! yay!
I love you all so much. I'm praying for ya:)
Have a great week!
Hermana Sanders

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