Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Best Week Ever!

Hey hey everyone! How´s it goin? I feel like I say this a lot... but this has definitely been one of THEE best weeks of my life. Ahh so many great things happened! First of all, I FINALLY actually hit my six month mark and so we celebrated with lots of good treats:) And Elder Viñas from the 70 came for a conference with us on tuesday so we got to go to that all day. That was one of the most amazing, most spiritual conferences I´ve ever been to... that man is incredible. My testimony about the Atonement of Christ grew so much from that. Wow. No words to describe it. President Cook also spoke in the conference about the family and marriage and all that. I loved it! I always get so much out of the conferences. Ain´t nothin better.
Oh and funny story.... So this whole time I´ve been here, I´ve thought that plumber in spanish was ¨plumero.¨and people ask A LOT about family and what dad does and everything. So I always tell them that he´s a plumero. Well... come to find out plumber is actually ¨PLOMERO.¨Close, but definitely different enough. Because plumero means feather duster. So that´s fun. Just so ya know daddy, all of Uruguay thinks you are a feather duster hahaha. No wonder everyone laughs when I tell them that. But a member told me that plumbers here in Uruguay make BANK so maybe you should just move here for my last year in the mish;) jk.
But anyways... The BEST part of the week is my investigators. They are so amazing. I can´t even tell you how much I love each of them. We have a ton that we´re teaching, but we have four that are really strong that are getting baptized this month. And three of them came to church this Sunday! Which is literally a miracle. Especially for my companion. She was so happy she almost cried, because she hasn´t had an investigator come to church in months and months and so yesterday was a really happy day for the both of us! We would have had four, but one of them had to work last minute:( But she´s coming next week!
First of all, Miriam. She is so prepared. She´s already living like a member she just needs to get baptized! She´s the biggest sweetheart. We visit her like 3 to 4 times a week and literally every time she has some sort of food prepared for us. She doesn´t want to wait for her baptism haha if she could get baptized today she would!
Then there´s Liliana... She is a miracle. Her health is really bad because she has smoked SO MUCH. But guess what?? She´s down to one a day! She´s gonna quit completely this week:) She came to church yesterday and we get to go visit her today to see how she liked it. And She´s also an alcoholic like reeeally bad and she´s alredy quit drinking too. She´s adorable. She told us that when she is struggling, she reads in the Book of Mormon and her cravings go away. How powerful is that?!
And Valeria. Wow. We found her friend in the street one day and she didnt want anything to do with us. But she told us about Valeria and how her fiancee just died of cancer and she´s way sad. So we went to visit her a few times and her mom always said she wasn´t there. But she ended up calling us and asked us to come visit her! So we did, and taught about the plan of salvation and she cried and everything. And now... she´s reading in the BOM and praying everyday and she wants to get baptized this month! She couldnt come to church sunday but she will be there this sunday. And her birthday is on wednesday so we´re making her a treat and going to her house! She´s amazing. 
Lastly, we have Analía who is also AWESOME! Her ¨soon to be husband¨is a member. They´ve been living together for like four years and we´ve been teaching her recently and she wants to get baptized but can´t cause they´re not married. But guess what?? they finally got a date from the government to do it! March 19th, so she will be able to get baptized on the 21st! We´re gonna have a big party at the church and everything. Ahh then they can get sealed as a family in a year.
Seriously.... The miracles that I am able to see here in the mission are incredible. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I have fallen in love with the people here.It´s so cool how you can turn any ¨hard area¨into an easy one if you have faith and work with diligence.
I love you guys so much! I hope all is well at home and everyone is doing GREAT:)
Talk to ya soon!
Hermana Sanders

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