Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We went to the Temple!

Hey everyone!! Wow, it seems like an eternity since I have emailed. It´s always so weird to have P day on Tuesdays. Changes are tomorrow, but I am sooo so happy because my companion and I are both staying in Pan de Azucar for another change together! We´re pretty dang excited.
So this week was crazy filled with all kinds of stuff. This morning we just had a zone activity and hiked up to a big cross at the top of a ¨mountain¨and that was really fun. I felt at home hiking again.
We had the birthday of the relief society and had a giant celebration in the church with lots of food and a giant cake. That was super fun! We had lots of parties in the church this week I feel like... because Hermana Alvorado is going home so we had a big going away party for her too. It was also the birthday of our ward mission leader on Sunday so he invited us over to his house for lunch and we had a big asado party with LOTS of meat and other good food. That was really fun too! 
Then of course my two baptisms on Friday! Oh man, that was a really happy day for me. Miriam and Analia are both angels and it was an amazing experience. That made my Friday a lot better after one of our investigators named Juan came out of his house yelling at us and threw a pamphlet at us that we gave him saying that he didn´t want to know anything anymore. That was kind of sad because we literally have no idea what happened.... so different just over night! But it´s okay. It happens.
We ALSO had a Hermanas conference that was awesome. We talked all about the worth of our souls and everything and had different ¨classes¨too. I had to give an exercise class and be everyones personal trainer and do an exercise plan for 30 minutes. I´m pretty sure all of the hermanas hate me now haha they all died. I thoroughly enjoyed it though!
Then... the BEST part of the week was taht WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!! That was thee coolest experience to do literally all of the work for someone that is part of my family. Baptism, initiatories, endowments, all of it. And I noticed that it was her birthday that day too so that was kind of cool! I can honestly say that that was by far the best day of my mission so far. It was such a spiritual experience. wow. And we also got to have our interviews with the president which I LOVE. I love talking with him. He told me that he really wants to play tennis with me too so we´re gonna set up a time that we can go do that. I´m super excited! He´s awesome.
Wow I seriously have had such an amazing week. Full of both the hardest times so far in my mission as well as the best! I am so grateful for all of the blessings that the Lord has given me and for this short amount of time that I have to be in the mission serving him with all my heart. I am also so grateful for each and every one of you guys! I love and miss you so so much. Have an amazing week!

Hermana Sanders

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