Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Hey everyone, it's Bob's birthday on the 12th! Just so ya know :)

So first off.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!! Holy cow you´re an old man;) I´m so sorry I can´t be there for you´re birthday... Don´t worry I´ll still bake a cake or something that day in memory of you. and know that I love you!
Anyways, this week was good! Interesting... but good! I GOT MY EASTER PACKAGE ALREADY. That made my whole week. Mom you do wayy too much for me. The ¨who needs a boyfriend ¨shirt is the greatest hahaha I wear to bed every night now. 
This week we had thee biggest storm everrrr. So much rain and wind. Luckily when it started we were close to a members house so we went there and we ended up getting stuck inside for like 2 and a half hours... that sucked. Then we left and ran as fast as we could to a family night at our investigators house. That was an interesting, WET day. And awe my investigators are doing great. Ana Lia is getting married on the 19th and then baptized the 21st! I´m so excited for her. And Liliana is doing better and better with smoking. Still hasn´t stopped completely but she´s getting better. We made little paper ¨cigarrettes¨with little notes and scriptures on them and we took her mentos too to help her when she has the desire to smoke. And Miriam as well is amazing. She is so beyond prepared for her baptism! 
We had a zone conference this week and we found out about a lot of changes in the mission as far as our focus. Because before it was just baptize baptize baptize! and it´s ridiculous how many less active people are here in this country. People that got baptized and never came back again. So we are focusing a lot more on these people to get them back to church. Especially those with the priesthood. And now for investigators... they have to come to church three weeks for all three hours before they can be baptized. If they only come for two hours it doesn´t count. So the baptism number is gonna go down a lot and it´s gonna take a lot longer for them to get baptized but it´s a really good thing because we will have more ACTIVE converts in the church!
Oh yeah and one of the recent converts here asked me my first name so I told her and she told me that she is going to name her daughter that. She wrote down how to spell it and everything. So yeah... there´s gonna be a little Uruguayo running around with my name. pretty cool! lol
I feel like I have so much random stuff to say this week. It was a random week! I was reading in the Liahona about President Benson´s Wife Flor and apparently she served a mission in Hawaii and after she left her mom decided to serve a mission and ended up getting called to Hawaii too and they were COMPANIONS! Crazy huh? So mom... get your butt out here;)
Oh yeah and the time changed here on sunday so I got to sleep an extra hour. That was great! But yeah, now we´re only three hours different. Oh man yesterday.... I had to give a talk in church AGAIN. I talked about Jesus Christ and it actually went really well. It´s amazing how it´s just as easy to write a talk in spanish now as it is in english. It´s mostly testimony anyway, but I loved doing it! The only problem was that I got sick AGAIN on Sunday so I threw up like twice before sacrament, then I went and gave me talk, then about five minutes after I had to leave and threw up again. I´m just happy I made it through my talk! I´m so mad though because I was finally gaining a little bit of weight and then I lost it again yesterday... there´s some weird sickness going around here. everyone is throwing up haha. The hermanas in our house have been at home for a week straight. But luckily I already feel a lot better! I just need to eat more today haha.
Okay and last random thing for you dad: Hermana Bertuoli (she lives with me) was looking at all of my pictures and she told me that you look like Bruce Willis. First of all I was shocked that she knew who that was, and then that she recognized it. Cause we ALWAYS say that. So yeah that ws pretty funny.
Anyways, sorry for the randomness of this email. Kind of a crazy week! I love you all. I´m excited for pictures of my new niece next week!!! Woo!
Hermana Sanders

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