Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Area - Pan de Azucar

Hey everyone! HAPPY VALENTINES!!! And happy birthday on the 12th to Grandma Sanders:) I love you! So this week was GREAT. Even though it was an extra day longer because of changes... speaking of changes. I´m leaving my area! I´m super excited and suuuper sad all at the same time. There are so many people here in this area that are so dear to my heart. I don´t wanna leave them. I have to say goodbye to everyone tonight and I´m probably gonna cry... it´s the worst. But I´ve had fun making brownies for all of them! (They love the american brownies haha). I´m excited though. I´m going to an area called ¨Pan de Az├╣car¨ in the zone Minas. It´s not too far from here. Still somewhat close to the coast! I guess it´s just a really small branch there with a really tiny church. My companion right now was there for her first area and loved it. And My new companion will be Hermana Eddington from utah as well! Not gonna lie, I was kind of disappointed when I found out that I´ll have a gringa companion because I don´t wanna lose my spanish... but it will be fun too! I think I´ll be able to relate to her a lot more, so I´m excited. And I´ll be living in a house with two other latinas so it will be great! I´m excited. I´m leaving suuuper early in the morning.
So yeah, there´s changes! There isn´t too much to tell about this week. The begining of the week started off pretty slow and we didn´t really have any new investigators, but we suffered with patience and ended up having a lot of success in the past couple of days! We are teaching the future son in law of a family in our ward and he´s already reading the book of mormon and is getting baptized on the 28th of this month! I´m super sad I won´t be here... cause he´s super cool and they are one of my favorite families. But I´m still really excited for him. His fiancee is adorable too! They´ll get married in the temple in a year! ahh. And yesterday it was so cute, an 8 year old boy came up to us in the street and started asking us a bunch of questions and wanted a pamphlet to read. So we gave him one and he asked us to come visit his family this week. So unfortunately I can´t go, but hopefully my companion will be able to baptize an entire family!
Also... I RECEIVED MY VALENTINES PACKAGE! Thank you sooo much to everyone for the ¨heart attack¨ with all those cute notes. I was crying and laughing all at the same time as I read them. For real, it made my entire week! I love you guys and miss you so much.
Scripture for the week:
D&C 123:12-17. Talks about the importance of sharing the gospel and how there are so many people searching for the truth and they just don´t know where to find it. Through small and simple things and actions, we can help them find the truth! Never be afraid to share your testimony:)
I hope everyone has the best week EVER! Remember how much I love all of you.
Hermana Sanders

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