Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I see cows...

Hey hey! How´s everyone doin? I love short weeks like this cause I get to write ya´ll sooner. But oh my goooodnessss what a great week! I already love this change. It was suuuper hard to leave El Pinar and all of the people there though. I got lots of letters from my converts and some members and some cute gifts too so that made it fun. I cried when I had to say goodbye to Carlos and Natali though because they had to freaking cry! That was hard. But I´m planning on going to the temple with them in less than a year now so thats good. And I had a super awkward moment when we went to say goodbye to my favorite family with three little girls. They ran outside and asked which one of us was leaving and I told them that I was. And the youngest (Ailen) she´s nine years old was like ¨Nooo I want it to be your companion that is leaving!!!¨and yeah... it was super awkward for everyone. But anyways, after all that hard stuff everything has been fantastic! The conference for changes was awesome. And we found out that now we get to have 30 minutes every p day if we want to do our family history in order to find a name that we can take to the temple to do the work for. So I am suuuper stoked about that! We are going to the temple and having interviews with the president sometime this change. We don´t know when yet but Im so so so excited! 
Okay and this is INSANE. last p day I went to the pharmacy with my comp cause she had to buy something there and there was a machine that tells you how much you weigh and how much body fat you have and everything. I was curious cause I know I´ve lost weight so I did it... yeah. I had NO idea I lost THAT much weight!!! Umm I weigh 98 pounds right now. I´m pretty sure I weighed more than that when I was like 12 years old haha. It´s disgusting. The good (but not really) thing is that now I live in a house of four girls and we are always cooking and baking and the members give us and bring us food like crazy so I´ve already gained back like two pounds. In less than a week haha. 
But anyways, about my area and companion and everything. It´s amazing for real! My companion is the biggest sweetheart. She´s from Roosevelt Utah. and the girls we live with are so fun too. They are absolutely insane so there is never a dull moment in the house. And I love having more people to cook for! haha. oh and there´s a member that does like a farmers market thing every sunday, so every sunday we get to go and pick up all of the fruits and vegetables that we want for the week for free. so that´s awesome because I eat fruits like craaaaazy.
The area... Well I´m livingmy country girl dream right now. Where´s my cowboy boots? haha. I think I teach more cows than people but it´s chill. There are parts where we have to walk like 30 minutes with no houses or anything in sight. just cows. and horses.The other day... this is so embarrassing. I had to go to the bathroom sooo bad and we had a long walk ahead of us.... and there was nobody around so luckily there were lots of trees and stuff too... and yeah, that definitely happened. I am utilizing all of the resources I have here hahaha. Itscool though because it kinda looks like utah because it´s the one part in Uruguay that house ¨mountains¨more like hills. and it has a famous hill with a cross at the top that we´re planning on hiking to one day.and we{re  close to Piriapolis (I´m there right now writing because there isn´t a place in my area) and it´s a super touristy area so there´s some pretty sweet houses and the beach and restaurants and stuff like that! It´s fun. 
It´s kinda hard cause I came here and they have absolutely NO investigators. sooo this week is gonna be a week of searching for new people like crazy! We gotta work super hard but I have faith that we will find people if we are diligent. Also, here we teach english classes every friday! So on friday with my comp I taught my very first english class. It was sooo fun. But kinda hard I didn{t know exactly what to teach. But we were successful! And then yesterday... oh my gosh. I loved meeting all the members and everything. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you. In this area it´s just a branch. the chapel is like a cute little doll house I love it! we had like 80 people in the church yesterday. But anyways, we were entering into the sacrament room and the president informed me that I would be speaking/bearing my testimony in sacrament for 15 minutes. so yeah. NO time to prepare. I was so nervous because not only did I have to talk for 15 minutes, but I had to do it in spanish! and they asked me to direct the music for the himns... that was interesting. Man most stressful sunday of my life! But somehow I was able to talk for a whole 15 minutes. Luckily I´ve got the spirit to help me out a bit haha. 
So anyways... wow long email. Lots happened this week! I´m super excited to be in this area with the best companion in the WORLD!
I hope all of you guys are doing GREAT.
I love and miss you so much!

Hermana Sanders

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