Monday, February 23, 2015

6 Months!!!

Hellooo everyone:) How´s it goin? Man, what a week! I feel like the work was insane this week. In a good way. And guess what? I have exactly a year left from tomorrow!!! So that´s crazy. But yeah, this week has been filled with all kinds of fun stuff. Last Monday I FINALLY got to make mom´s sugar cookies that I´ve been craving like craaaazy and it was really fun. We don´t have a rolling pin so I had to compromise with a little glass but hey... it worked great haha. Everyone died over those. There´s nothin like em here in urugay. And it was the birthday of one of the Hermanas in our zone this week so my companion and I made a cake and we celebrated in the morning when she came over for intercambios. That was really fun! And Speaking of food, for real, I´m gonna die. The members just bring food randomly to our house almost every night and I´m always still so full from lunch because we eat so dang much but the food is always suuuper good so of course I have to eat it lol. It´s insane here in this area. But hey, at least I´ll be back to a healthy weight in no time!
The members are awesome for real. But I´m pretty sure none of them know my actual name, because literally the whole branch refers to me as their ¨barbie¨because I´m blonde and skinny haha so at church on sundays it´s always öh hey barbie!¨
My companion and I also got to go to Maldonado (thee richest/most touristy part of Uruguay) this week and that was way fun. We have a conference with elder Vinas tomorrow and we are in the choir so we went to Maldonado to practice for that. I´m so excited for tomorrow! Oh man and seriously Maldonado is BEAUTIFUL. when we visit Uruguay after the mish we have to go there and piriapolis for sure.
On the working side of things... it´s great! the members help out a ton.There´s one member named Roberto that comes with us all the time and he´s awesome. Sooo funny. It makes me laugh cause he reminds me of dad a little bit and his name is Roberto! perfect. It´s seriously a miracle what has happened this week. We have like a lot of investigators progressing to be baptized in March and it´s crazy because the area that I´m in hasn´t had a baptism in a suuuuper long time. I think since like July. So if we actually have a baptism it will be so amazing! I can´t wait. The problem with a lot of the people here is that they smoke like crazy, so that´s something they all have to overcome before they can get baptized. We are teaching a lady right now named Liliana and just last week she was smoking like 3 or 4 packs a day but now we´ve got her down to only 10 cigarrettes a day. It´s unreal. She has such a strong testimony of the book of mormon and that helps soo much. We have some other super amazing investigators as well that are totally ready to get baptized. they just have to come to church first! Ahh I love the people here so much. The members and investigators both are sooo amazing. And my companion Hermana Eddington is thee best. I love her so freaking much! And the other sisters we live with are from Chile and Brasil and they are AWESOME! We have wayyy too much fun together.
So yeah, the mission is pretty much the best thing in the world! But... I still miss you guys like crazy.
Have the best week EVERRR!!
Hermana Sanders

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