Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hey ya´ll! Happy New year. Can´t believe it´s 2015! Pretty crazy. And I finally got everyone´s christmas cards... so cute. Thank you so much you guys! I love getting letters and cards and all that good stuff. I have the best family and friends everrrr! It´s true. So yeah, new year, new cambio, new companion, new everything! Although, I am in my same area so that´s somehting that didn´t change. which I am soo happy about because I love my area and my converts and the members. I never want to leave! It was kind of scary at first though because I had to be in charge (still do) and show my companion around and talk with all the members about everything that we need to do. It´s good for me though. I´m learning really fast and enjoying this time I have! as for my companion, she is thee BEST!! I love her so much. She is from Chile which is cool, and she knows no english, but the cool part is... we understand eachother! surprisingly, we can communicate just fine and not just that, we are literally laughing like almost 24 hours of the day. Not really, but almost! we have so many things in common and we get along really well. She is gonna finish 16 months this month so she only has one more change in the mission after this! So she has alot of experience and she teaches me a lot. I love the way she teaches and I´m glad that I can learn from her how to teach better. It´s gonna be an amazing change I already know it! We´ve already seen miracles. We have a new investigator named Nilda. we literally found her on saturday and she CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!! We invited her not thinking that she would, but she came! and even better than that, she bore her testimony! She´s getting baptized I know it. She´s awesome.
Well, sorry for the short email. I´m short on time this week so I can´t write too much. But know that I love and miss you all and I hope you had an awesome New Years!!
quick thought:
My comp and I were talking about the premortal life and all that. and we were talking about how WE pick our families that we want to come into on earth. and I was thinking... well duh. There´s no way I would have picked any other family! I am so lucky to have you guys and don´t know what I would do without each and every one of you.
Have a good week.

Hermana Sanders

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