Monday, January 26, 2015

Gotta Love The Cockroaches

Hey everyone! How´s it going? Another super quick week right? wow... and this week I hit my five month mark! Pretty insane.
So anyways, I am currently writing to ya´ll from the very center of Montevideo right now because I had to come here to sign my residency. It´s been such a good P day. I did that and then we ate at the ONLY place in all of Uruguay that has mexican food. California Burrito baby! Best day of my life. and there was frozen yogurt at this mall too so I feel super at home. On the down side of this day, I am also currrently writing to you guys with hair full of sandwich crap. The people here in the city aren´t QUITE as nice as the people in El Pinar... haha I got a sandwich thrown at me by some jerk in the street on my way here. I never thought I would actually have an experience like that in the mish haha but there ya go. I just laughed so it´s all good!
So yeah, for real I´ve had a super good week! we had another baptism on saturday!! Cinthia got baptized and it was a way special day. Also, (thanks mom for the recipe) I made homemade brownies for the baptism and they turned out so freaking good not gonna lie. Everyone loved them and wanted to know how to make them because brownies don´t exist here. so yeah that was really fun to do! I had to buy a lot of cooking supplies to make them though haha we have nothing in our house. 
And speaking of our amazing house, we still have an unbelievable amount of cockroaches and they are multiplying very rapidly hahaha and unfortunately, they started eating all of the electrical stuff so now we have no light in our bedroom... so we have to study and get ready in the morning and do everything in the kitchen. Oh yeah and a cockroach found it´s way into my water bottle the other day and made it´s way into my mouth. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER. I don´t even wanna know how many cockroaches I have eaten in these last few months. so yeah there´s that.
Other than that, we also had a super fun ward activity playing volleyball this week (I feel so uncoordinated now) and we also had zone intercambios! I went to the area of Hermana Leiva from Mexico. It was super fun. They live in a house of four so it was like a big sleepover. We roasted marshmallows over our stove and ate popcorn. Super fun! 
And all of the members are still worried about me being too skinny so I´ve had a lot and I mean A LOT of cakes and crap this week brought to me to make me fat. the best though was the other night, and hermana brought me a giant plate of pancakes drenched in chocolate syrup at like ten o clock at night... I wasn´t complaining. It was delicious but man I have felt so dang sick these days. Definitely gonna start getting super fat! maybe all of my clothes will start fitting me again though haha I had to buy a new skirt today because I´m getting sick of always wearing the same ones that fit me well. lol
so yeah, that´s it for this week! We have no new progressing investigators now that our baptisms are over, so this week will consist of a lot of HUNTING. bring it on.
love you guys! 

Hermana Sanders

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about the bugs eating into your electrical appliances and killing all the lights. Roaches are a persistent infestation, though not impossible to contain. And it’s good that you didn't let that stop you from enjoying the activities. Good luck, and take care!

    Alta Peng @ Liberty Pest