Monday, January 19, 2015

Dying of Heat

how´s everyone doin? Dying of heat like me? oh wait.... you guys have snow. Freaking lucky. Anyways, I hope everyone had an amazing week. My week was AMAZING! We had a multi zone conference earlier in the week and that was the best. Lots of missionaries and we got to hear a lot of good talks and hear from the president as well. They talked a lot about family history work and for real how dang important it is. And they told us some good news.... WE GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE SOMETIME NEXT MONTH!!!! And they´re gonna let us do some of our own family history work to take our own name with us. Sooo that´s freakin cool. Man I´m so excited. They also talked about being a good steward and how our bodies are temples (Of God) and they don´t belong to us so we should be protecting them with all our might! Physically and spiritually. Also this week, the elders came over to our house to cut our grass. FINALLY! we literally were living in a forest. I´ll send pics haha. and it gave me an excuse to make cookies so yeah, they loved me for that! And then.... yes, we had a baptism!! Nilda was baptized on saturday and confirmed yesterday and she literally glows like an angel ever since! she is AMAZING holy cow. She´s gonna be one faithful member. Saturday was so cool though. I´ve never felt the spirit so strong. seriously. we had seven baptisms in our ward! the elders had a family of five, we had Nilda, and the other elders had another guy. So yeah, pretty cool experience. And after, we had a family home evening with the family that got baptized and I was in charge of the message and wow, the spirit was so strong in that house! It was an amazing day.
And guess what else?? we have another baptism this saturday!! Her name is Cinthia and she is 15 years old. Her cousins invited us over with her (Just how it happened with us and Alex) (Love you Alex!) and she´s been coming to church the past two weeks and she asked her parents for permission to get baptized and they said yes!!! She´s adorable and I´m so stoked for her to get baptized. Seriously I haven´t stopped smiling all week.
And then we started off this week right with a zone activity at the beach and played frisbee and took lots of pictures. That was super fun! We have the best zone. I don´t wanna leave!! but I´m about 99 percent sure I´ll have to leave this next change which is the 11th of February. So I don´t have much time left in this area... which is SO sad! I love the members so much. And apparently they love me too, I don´t know why, but I have received so many random little gifts from the members this week. I´m not complaining but it´s weird! The ward here is seriously thee best. ALMOST as good as ya´ll at home;)
Anyways, that´s it for this week.
I do want to invite you guys to read Alma 26 because one, it´s my favorite chapter in the BOM as a missionary, and two, I know we all become discouraged sometimes and I love Ammon´s example of how to overcome discouragement and to keep going. Patience is Key!
Love you all so much!

Hermana Sanders

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