Monday, December 1, 2014

It's December

Hey guys! happy DECEMBER!! holy crap, like for real? It´s December? I got to set up my Christmas countdown from Sharon last night and I opened the first one today. Soo much fun I love it:)
Thanksgiving sounds like it was awesome for everyone! I had a great Thanksgiving although it was hard because I was missing home a lot and I really want an actual thanksgiving dinner... Our dinner with Carlos and Natali was awesome Though. But sooo random! We had Peruvian Tacos, some sweet bread with Ham and Cheese and lettuce and other random stuff in it, Carlos` famous pizza, pumpkin bread that Natali tried making (it was actually pretty good) and then I made THEE best pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. Just like home! that made me feel a lot better about the whole day. but I ate way too much... way too much. So worth it though.
Other than that, the week was pretty normal. Well... I take that back. some interesting stuff happened but nothing crazy haha. The bad thing is that I got really really sick. I think because on Friday I ate some giant hamburger thing with a ton of weird crap in it. (It was not good at all) and then that made me really sick... Friday night I didn´t sleep at all because I was in the bathroom throwing up literally every thirty minutes the entire night. And then I woke up in the morning still feeling really sick and it lasted all through Saturday and yesterday too. But now I can at least keep my food in. I`m just exhausted because I haven`t gotten any sleep and we have had to walk sooo much the past couple of days. I`m better though so that`s good! I`m going to the mall today so I can eat some good solid American food and hopefully that will make my stomach go back to normal haha. And that`s funny that you guys keep telling me that I look to skinny and need to eat more because literally at least once a day, the members or other missionaries ask my companion if I`m ok and everyone thinks I have an eating disorder. But for real... I eat so much! Way more than I eat at home. We just walk a lot... It`s so sad though, everyone tells me I need to eat more, and then they tell my comp that she needs to go on a diet! so she`s been freaking out about that haha I feel so bad.
Oh yeah, and to add to my wonderful day yesterday of being sick and having it pouring rain all day, something great happened... hahaha We were talking to a lady named Silvia in the street and I had my rain boots on, and all of the sudden she freaked out and I turned around and yes.. a dog was peeing on me... I was already soaking wet and I was wearing my boots so I had no idea. A DOG FREAKING PEED ON ME! I was like oh my gosh I had no idea! Then Silvia shook her head and called me blonde haha. Shameful.... seriously. And then shortly after that, we started talking to a guy in the street who ended up being a Jehovah´s witness... yeah. And he was talking all this crap about our church and so I just had this strong desire to pour out my heart about the Book of Mormon and bear testimony of it to him, and he straight up just laughed and then started telling me how ridiculous I was to believe it. I so bad wanted to say... dude how can you even say that when you`ve never even read the book!? But instead.... we just said thanks for your time and we left. People make me so mad sometimes! His heart is so closed. Makes me sad.
Yesterday still was an awesome day though. I prayed for strength to be able to go out and work and everything and the Lord definitely did bless me! And guess what? So it was the fifth sunday yesterday so priesthood and relief society were combined and guess who had to teach it... WE DID. it actually went really really well. I felt way good about it and I was completely comfortable! I hope we got the ward pumped about helping with the missionary work. Seriously the ward makes thee biggest difference in the work. Before the mish I had NO idea. But it`s true!
Oh yeah and the other day, I`m pretty sure I told you about the lady with the spirits in her house... yeah we had to talk to her again the other day and we went into her house and she brought out books to show us that she`s ¨studying¨and they were all about exorcisms and stuff... so thats cool. We really aren´t going back again now haha it was scaaary. 
So yeah, there`s some interesting stories for ya. It was a good week though! I love you guys so much and I miss you now more than ever. Especially because it`s Christmas time... It`s really hard, but as Paul said to the Colossians: ¨For though I be absent in the flesh, yet am I with you in the spirit.¨
Have a good week! 

Hermana Sanders

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