Monday, December 8, 2014

El es la Dadiva

Hey hey!
How´s everyone doing?? I´m so happy to talk to you guys again and read all of your emails! You guys are amazing. I am doing soo good. I love Christmas time. Although, it feels nothing like Christmas here because I am sweating more than I ever thought possible. Seriously we have been dying!!! It`s gonna be an interesting Christmas. haha. It was so fun though, last week we visited one of our investigators (her two kids are baptized) and they had just gotten back from the mall buying stuff to decorate their cute little Christmas tree, and they wanted us to help them, so I got to feel a LITTLE bit at home doing that. It was definitely something special! And we have a ward Christmas dinner at the end of this week to look forward to and get a little more in the Christmas spirit:) Plus, Sharon... oh my goodness. The little countdown thing you made is awesome. It`s making time go by even faster. You are sooo dang creative. My companion and I open each box each day together and we get a little too excited when they have chocolate inside haha. And our room looks super cute with the snowflakes and candles and christmas bell. SO THANK YOU!
Speaking of Christmas, I´m sure you all have already seen it cause it`s kind of a big deal. But there is an AMAZING Christmas video the church has out to share during this Christmas season. In spanish it is called "El es la Dàdiva" so I`m assuming its "He is the Gift" in english?? It´s soo good and I feel the Spirit stronger and stronger each time that I see it. Which is a lot because we share it with EVERYONE haha.
So yeah, this week I have a lot more just spiritual thoughts to share instead of experiences because honestly, not a whole lot happened this week. So I apologize haha. But before those scriptures I wanna share I´ll tell you the things that did happen this week. We had another zone interchange. And I of course had to stay in my own area AGAIN but it was awesome. As always. I love interchanges. I was with Hermana Marcos (from Argentina) and she didn´t speak a word of english so that was really good for me. The problem was that she didn´t talk much at all.... so in our lessons I literally had to do basically everything and it was kinda scary! Cause I`m used to just adding in my testimony here and there because my companion loves to talk so much. lol so that was a great learning and growing experience for me!
Another thing that boosted my confidence about spanish was that I opened nick and micadyns "open when you understand spanish" letter and I understood every single word! That made me happy:) And I got another letter from Grandma Sanders this week! I read it today. She´s soo cute and so nice. Tell her I`m gonna write her back as soon as I possibly can. And ask her if she really did eat an extra slice of turkey for me for Thanksgiving hahaha.
Okay, so here´s some scriptures I wanna share from my personal studies this week. (P.S. I will finally be finished with the New Testament this week!!!) Then back to the BOM full time haha.
First of all...
Hebrews 6:15
"And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise
And 10:11 
basically, trials aren´t fun in the moment but if we patiently endure them, we will receive soo many blessings and happiness and it is always worth it!
Hebrews 11
I love this chapter because it talks all about the importance of faith, and it`s really cool because it includes examples of tons of prophets and their demonstrations of their own faith in the things they did. They are great examples for us to follow! And truly, we can do ANYTHING through faith.
Lastly, I read this this morning. 1 John 3:1-2
I love this scripture so much. I read all about the importance of love this morning and how we really do need to love everyone and show it through deeds and in truth! 
The love the father has for us to call us sons and daughters of God is amazing. Although the world doesn´t see us as that because the world "knew him not." But we know when he comes, we will see that we are like him if we purify ourselves as Him.
Well, that´s it for today... Love you guys!
Let´s remember the first gift of Christmas (Christ) and feel the joy that his Gospel brings:)
I miss you! 
Hermana Sanders

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