Tuesday, December 30, 2014

EMAIL - December 30, 2014

Helloooo! Finally! Even though I got to skype with you guys on Thursday it feels like an eternity since we´ve talked haha. First of all.... That was thee best day! I LOVED being able to see and talk to you guys! It was the best yet the hardest thing haha. This week has been unbelievable. So much has happened, but I have sooo many pictures that I´m hoping to send so I´m gonna keep the email short this week and try to send pictures!
So anyways, like I said, Christmas was amaaazing especially getting to see you guys. It was hard not being with you though. I was so worried about this Christmas being so difficult and so different. And although it was VERY different, it ended up being one of the best. We spent Christmas eve going and singing on buses and just trying to find any way that we could to serve the people and share the gospel. Definitely the best way to spend Christmas! and the members are amazing and gave us so much. It felt like the fourth of july with all of the heat, the barbeques, and the fireworks at midnight but it was cool to experience! 
We had two intercambios this week too that were awesome. On Tuesday I went to Carrasco (the reeeally rich part of Uruguay) and that was really fun cause the houses were so nice and everything and I actually saw real restaurants. But... the people were really difficult to teach. I learned a lot that intercambio. I´ve never been rejected so much in my life and had so many rude things said to me, but I´m grateful for the experience. Because I was thinking about how dang much Christ got rejected and had to suffer in His life, and how can we know how he felt and become more like Him if we don´t experience that too? I know it´s only a tiiiiiny fraction of what He had to go through, but I am so grateful for every experience I have like that because it´s a chance for my testimony of Him to grow more and more and to try and become more like Him every day.
And in this area is where Elder and Hermana Burnett live, so we got to go to their house and have AMERICAN home cooked food! Roast, real salad with ranch, spinach artichoke dip... oh man I died. Oh yeah, and come to find out Brother (Kent) Burnett in our ward is his uncle! So that´s cool:) Small world.
On Friday, we also had another intercambio with our zone and I finally left my area! It was kind of a miserable day though unfortunately because it ended up raining like crazy and I didn´t have anything for the rain cause it was so hot earlier that day. The streets literally flooded and I was walking almost up to my knees in the street in sewer/rain water without my rainboots... suuuper fun! And my comp for the day woke up in the middle of the night with a frog in her bed. We freaked out. haha but we made the best of it and actually ended up having alot of fun!
More great news... Carlos and Natali got home last night!!! It was sooo good to see them. Oh man I missed them so much. They are amazing.
And even better, ADRIANA GOT BAPTIZED ON SUNDAY!!! finally! that was a day I will never forget. It has been so great to see a true change in her life and see her faith and testimony grow each and every time I talk with her. It´s crazy how your converts literally become like family to you. She is my family and so are Carlos Natali and Dante!
We finished off this week painting a members house yesterday and that was really fun! It was rough in the heat, but I loved it. I´m officially professional now so bring on the projects when I get home haha. 
We found out the changes last night... Just as we though, my comp is leaving and I´m staying! My new companion is Hermana Dìaz. I have no idea who she is but she is from Chile so that will be cool because of Nick! And I´m pretty sure she doesn´t speak English. I´m nervous about that but at the same time so grateful because it´s what I need to grow and to learn more quickly.
Anyways, that´s what I´ve got for ya´ll this week. I´ll finish with two quotes that I found during the week that I love:
¨When we assist Him in His mision of saving soulds, we too will be rescued in the process.
and... ¨The most important of the Lord´s work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home.
That is so true. Even though you guys aren´t here in the mission with me right now, you´re doing the most important work there at home!
I love you guys sooo so much. Miss you more than ever!
Hermana Sanders

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