Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014 Emai

Hey everyone!!!
How´s it going? another pretty quick week, yeah? I can´t believe it`s november now! We get to skype NEXT MONTH!! I`m so excited. I`m just sad I won`t be with you guys for Thanksgiving... But I was talking with Carlos and Natali abouthow I was sad that they don´t have Thanksgiving here, so they want to celevrate it together! I love them so much. Seriously they are so cute. This week they made us pizza, tortas fritas, 2 different kind of cupcakes, and a cake! we see them like every single day now and they´re making me fat haha. They truly are amazing though. They were at church again this sunday and Natali bore a BEAUTIFUL testimony. oh man. And Carlos has his for sure set baptism now. ON SATURDAY!! ahh! I`m so beyond excited. Plus, me and Hermana Vasquez are singing a special musical number for that and I have a solo so that`s fun... Carlos and Natali both have thee strongest testimonies. Oh and a miracle totally happened with them this week. Carlos has been struggling with his job cause he has to work almost every sunday, and he was thinking about quiting his job so he can come to church every week. so we talked with him about the power of prayer and then guess what happened... his boss called him later this week and told him he had to start working in a different area. and this area just happens to be the only area in his job that they have Sundays free! how insane is that??
So yeah, they´re awesome. we spent the night of Halloween with them and we made a `future missionary`name tag for Dante and dressed him up. SO cute! and before that, instead of trick or treating we went around saying `dulce o escritura?`haha we`re weird. Oh by the way Nick and Micadyn, you looked SEXY in your costumes. I love it hahaha and Mom, you better start having some fun parties when I get home for halloween! I love that idea. I also decided that instead of giving out candy, I wanna bake all day on halloween and give out mini cupcakes. Fun right? two years we`re doing that mom haha.
We had a pretty crazy storm this week. It rained all night and the whole next day, and so we were walking through water halfway up my rainboots all day, holding umbrellas with lightning striking basically like five feet away. so that was suuuper fun lol. I was so scared! I´ve been freezing my butt off from the rain the past few days and it`s so weird cause I was sweating like crazy the week before. What is this??
Also, a pretty cool miracle happened this week. There´s a guy named Sergio who we have talked to before, but he`s super atheist and wasn`t interested at all. But hte other day, we just go the feeling that we should stop by his house. So we went by and talked to him and he totally opened up to us and he told us about how his daughter got cancer and him and his wife were having a really hard time. ANd so we talked about eternal families and he loved it. I felt so bad for him, but at the same time, I kind of felt like Ammon in th escriptures haha. He was excited to see the people having afflictions because he saw it as an opportunity to teach them because their hearts would be softened! So that`s my thoughts with him. I hope it works out! we took them a treat and talked with them last night, and we are meeting with them again on Wednesday!
So that`s my week :) Oh yeah Mom and Dad, I finally got letters from each of you! talking about lake powell... lol that seems like FOREVER ago. I loved it though. But it kinda sucked cause I got them on Tuesday and couldn´t read them until today. It was torture! Awesome this morning though.
I love you guys so much!
Have another amazing week you gringos!!
Hermana Sanders

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