Monday, October 13, 2014

First email from Uruguay

Hey guys! wow it`s finally P day... It feels like it has been AGES since I`ve been able to write to you! ahh where do I even start? I`ll just start with explaining my week alittle bit. so on monday we packed and everything and then tuesday morning we had to leave to the airport at 4 am! It was the worst. it was a super short flight to Montevideo so we had all day tuesday. we had meetings and lunch and stuff and then they sent us right out to go proselyting. I went with Hermana Talbot from Washington. She`s the best! she has been out for eight months now and loves it. then, wednesday morning we had to be ready by 5 am to go to the doctor and get our blood drawn and all that good stuff. Then FINALLY, we got out trainers! My trainer/companion is Hermana Vasquez from Peru as well. Oh my goodness I love her so much. And she knows english!! I am soo grateful for that. I would be so lost and confused with a comp that doesnt know english. shes an amazing teacher. she is the sweetest and makes me "banana juice" for breakfast every morning. its just banana, milk, and sugar. honestly though, its WAY good! all of the food I have had her has been reall good. Not a good sign... I better not get fat haha. the ward members sign up to feed us for lunch every single day of the week and they cook SO MUCH FOOD! holy crap. Oh the other day though, one of the days this week, our lunch plans fell through and so I got to utilize my cookings skills. I was so stoked. we had pasta so I cooked that and then made up my own sauce... probably thee best thing i have ever made! so thats cool. Im making it when I get home. It was kind of like alfredo sauce with mushrooms and ham. so good! I`m sending pics haha. our house on the other hand... let`s just say it`s very humbling! it`s sooo small and it`s basically a cement box. It`s been pretty cold here too, so I`ve been freeeezing! we have no heat. and no hot water so showers suck pretty bad haha and I kill about six giant spiders every night. and it`s completely normal that we have a family of mice living with us right? and cockroaches all over inside the fridge is okay too yeah? hahaha oh man, I love it. It`s insane how poor the people are in this area... they are all so happy and friendly though. The members especially are so great. I love them so much. they take good care of us! all of the little girls love my light hair too so they`re always asking if they can play with it. and they think it`s so funny when i can`t understand them... haha.
Hmm... what else? My area... I love it. it`s  called el pinar and my zone is la costa. It`s a super poor area but it`s awesome. all the roads are dirt and it`s called "el pinar" for a reason. there`s lots of pine trees! it`s basically like hiking around up skyline at home all day everyday. that`s exactly how it is with little cement houses in the middle of it haha. Nobody has cars. Most people drive motos around or just bikes. there`s lots of little streams, and oh my gosh I`ve neer seen/heard so many frogs in my entire life1 there`s more frogs tahn cockroaches I`m pretty sure! I`m so sick of the rain though. cause it`s straight mud all the time. I`m soo happy I packed my rain boots...
The whole clapping outside of houses instead of knocking ondç doors is still taking some getting used to haha. I seriously love it though! my spanish is a joke but esta bien. I had to bare my testimony in sacrament yesterday because I`m new and I was actually really surprised how well I did. and I`ve already been able to commit three people to a baptismal date! In less than a week! crazy. I have already seen so many iracles her and it`s only been a week. we have so many awesome contacts and investigators I wanna tell you about all of them! I wish I had time... that`s what letters are for :) seriously though.. MIRACLES HAPPEN! that`s what faith can do!
Okay and speaking of letters... I have bad news kind of. For some reason, in this mission we have the rule that we can only write and READ letters on P days... which means I don`t really have much time to write. and when you send letters I can only read them on mondays. And don`t use pouch anymore. It takes longer... so just send it to the mission office! And apparently packages take like three months so I`ll be waiting awhile for that... and I don`t get any extra time to email here either... rough life! But I will just enjoy every chance that I get to hear from ya`ll! I miss you so much. I hope everything is great at home in good ol`utah. I miss it.. But i`m so happy and humbled to be here!
Keep it real.
Have a good week! 

Hermana Sanders

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