Monday, October 27, 2014

2 Months!!!

Hola! Dang was this last week fast or what? Time flies... for the most part haha. Tomorrow I reach my TWO MONTH mark! ohmy goodness. Only 16 left! So first of all I wanna talk about the Hermana´s conference that we had on Friday. It honestly may have been the best day of the mish so far. It was amazing! We had lunch that Hermana Burnett made for us which was chicken salad and brownies and I got super trunky cause it reminded me of home haha and then we got our ¨"surprise letters" and I have never been so excited about anything in my life haha. When I opened it and read "love mama and daddy" I about died. That was the best. so... THANK YOU! That same day we had a lesson with Carlos and Natali and they told us about how they talked to you guys a little bit on facebook but they don´t know any english so they didn´t understand anything you said mom hahaha.
Anyways, this was a good week with a lot of hard work! It got hot... FAST! I already have some suuuper sexy tan lines. We walk outside all day and the sun is soo intense. My new hat that I bought is saving my life. Eating is even harder for me now too because it´s so hot so I`m never hungry. I'm not like losing weight like crazy or anything but from all the walking my legs are withering down to nothing. No more squats in the gym... haha you would hate it Dad! sorry ;)
This week has ben pretty interesting. We had lessons with two different prostitutes, but they were super interested in the Book of Mormon haha. Then we met this lady named Marcela who apparently sees dead people, and when we went ot her house she asked me to pray and bless her house. I didn´t really know what I was doing but I did my best. We have to go back tomorrow... I`m kind of nervous lol. But we also have another new really strong investigador now with a baptismal date! Her name is Gabriela and we have taught her the first two lessons so far. She`s awesome. She is 20 years old and has thee cutest little girl. I`m kind of scared to teach her the commandments though cause she`s got major issues with the word of wisdom as well as the law of chastity. I`ll be praying for a miracle though, cause I love her so much!
Also, this week (Saturday) we had a ward activity that us missionaries planned with a bunch of games and stuff. It was super fun. And I definitely set a good reputation for gringas and their dancing skills haha. And then yesterday was the BEST end to such a good week... Carlos and Natali finally came to church together! So now Carlos just needs to comeone more time before he can be BAPTIZED! I`m so excited. Then in a year, I get to see them sealed in the temple :) They are like family. Our lessons and family home evenings with them get me through the week.
Yesterday after church was rough. We had five hours of proselyting to do and nobody was in the streets or at home becasue of the election. it was sooo dang hot and we spent five straight hours walking in the dirt. I will be shocked if I don`t come home with skin cancer haha.
Other than that it was a really good week! We went to the beach today for a zone activity and that was super fun. I got some fun pics that I`ll send!
Love ya`ll!!
Have another amaaaazing week:)
Hermana Sanders

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