Monday, October 20, 2014

Email - October 20th

Hola! Another week done eh? It was a long one... but it was good! We had a multi zone conference this week and that was awesome. They made me sing in the choir haha it was awesome though cause we got to see Pres. Cook and his wife. They are amazing. Hermana cook talked to us for a minute at the beginnning of the conference and I love what she said: "This is a lesson to help you throughout your life." (the mission) These three things are the best things you will learn: Put the Lord first, others second, and yourself last. I´ve been here for such a short amount of time and I already know how necessary that is! It can be soo hard sometimes, but that truly is the key to happiness right there. 
Anyways, what else happened this week... Oh yeah, I had a dream in spanish. But I was just telling some random lady in the street how much I miss my family haha. And also this week we met some crazy dog lady. She was a contact in the street so we went by her house and clapped at the gate and when she opened the door, literally fifteen dogs came running out of her house! 
We do so much walking here. So much! My shoes are already about worn out. It`s dang good thing though because I get fed so freaking much. Apparently these people have never seen anyone as skinny as me and it worries them so they give me a freaking ton of food! And they love mayo... with everything... gross. haha I`ve actually lost weight since the ccm though so that`s a good sign! The other day, we were eating at a members house and I went to use their bathroom. It didn`t have a door handle and I didn`t know how it worked so I got locked in there for a solid ten minutes. That was fun hahaha.
Oh and Nick you´ll appreciate this., apparently they call flirty boys here cobras and girls snakes. I thought that was super funny because of the family snake joke haha!
I wrote a letter to you guys last week talking about this so you`ll hopefully get it eventually, but it talks about an amazing investigator that we have, his name is Carlos. Him and his wife have thee cutest little boy named Dante. I love them so much! Anyways, he has a baaptsimal date and everything. His first lesson was my second day here! So he has progressed really quickly. They made us a banana cake the other day. It was so cute! But don`t worry dad, it wasn`t near as good as yours;) We are having family night with them tonight and im so excited!
Well... theres my week. Not a whole lot happens here unfortunately. Not many people are interested unfortunately. It`s hard work! Oh yeah, I changed the quality of photos for my camera to take so I`m hoping I can start sending some now! keep sending pictures to me because I love them!!
I love you all so much! That`s definitely thee hardest part of the mission is being away from you guys.
Les amo!!
Hermana sanders

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