Thursday, October 2, 2014

EMAIL From Week 5 - Argentina MTC

Hola familia! ¿Qué tal?
Guess what guys? This is my last P day in the CCM! Is that insane or what_ I can´t believe I leave so soon. I´m so excited and nervous all at the same time! If time keeps going by this fast it´s gonna feel like I´m coming home tomorrow.
Okay, is anyone as excited as I am for conference this weekend_ I mean I´m a little sad cause we can´t go proselyting saturday since it´s conference... But I don´t even care cause its CONFERENCE!! I don´t think you guys realize... I live for this kind of stuff out here haha. and it´s cool cause we all get to watch the exact same thing no matter where we are in the world:)
Anyways, I hope ya´ll like hearing about proselyting... Because that´s always the highlight of my week! Especially this week. Ahh it was so amazing. I can´t believe it was our last one. We got a new area for this week and it was awesome! I loved it. The last area was suuuper ghetto and this area was more middle class- high end. I mean there were still some sketchy parts but there were also some REALLY nice, quite big, italian style houses. Best of all, there was an unreal helado shop that we went to meet up with some other fellow missionaries (Don´t worry I will be sending a picture of my ice cream) it was fantastic. I´ve never had helado that good before. Oh and it was funny, before we left, Hermana Britton had been talking about how skittles were her favorite candy and how sad she was that they didn´t have them here. Well, as we were out walking, I saw 2 solo packs of skittles in a little shop! So I bought them. I gave them to her when we saw them again after proselyting and she like legit teared up she was so happy haha. So that alone like totally made my day! But now lets talk about the real good stuff:) So we started off slow without a lot of success. I think because the people in this area had more money they weren´t quite as humble. Plus, I´m pretty sure everyone and their dog were very happily catholic. And let me tell ya... literally EVERYONE has a dog in the country. We knocked on millions of doors with not a whole lot of success, but then finally we knocked on the right door. A lady named Sicilia answered and talked to us about the church. She was so sweet and sincere and asked us to please come back later or another day because she had to leave but wanted to know more. So we were able to get her address for other missionaries, and we gave her a BOM and she read the intro with us and I could tell how happy and excited it made her. That was the holy ghost for sure! after knocking on door for awhile, we got sick of that so we went to a park that was in our area. Man that is the place for missionary work! We talked to this old lady named Marta. Seriously thee sweetest lady I have ever met. She was there with her daughter and grandkins. WE talked to her for al ong time about what we believed and everything she though it was so cool. Even though her daughter kept yelling at her and getting mad at her for talking to us haha. We gave her a BOM and she kept trying to pay us money and we kept saying no no it´s a gift! she thought that was pretty cool. She asked for our phone number all secretly and we told her we didn´t have one, so she was writing down hers for us, but at that point her daughter got pissed and pulled her away, so we just had to really quick hand her a card with the nearest church address on it. And she whispered to us saying that she really wanted to go on Sunday! so that was a pretty insane experience. I hope it works out for her. Then at that same park, we talked to an adorable young couple with their 2 little kids. We talked about how families can be together forever and they also accepted the BOM! They asked about when church was and everything and they gave us their number. Isn´t that insane? Heavenly Father truly has prepared these people for the Gospel! its amazing how much I love these people too. I´m gonna miss this beautiful country. But I know I will love th epeople of Uruguay thismuch too if not a million times more! Anyways, we got a few more references after that and TONS more contacts. We decided to knock on one more door on our way back to the bus and that was the best decision we´ve ever mad. His name was Facundo and he was first shocked about how ënthusiastic¨we were so he was willing to talk to us. He didn´t have much time but he was really excited to learn more. He actually asked US to return. Then after that guess who we ran into? TENNIS PLAYERS! Like actual tennis players. They were in their 20´s ish and it was a boy and a girl. They talked to me about the US Open and stuff, and they actually knew a tiny bit of english! not much though. They were interested in going to church on Sunday so that´s cool. I love proselyting so much! I have learned so much from these experiences. Those few people that were accepting of our message made all of the rejection and hatred toward us worth it. I hope that even after my mission I will be brave enough to talk to strangers about the church because you never know what can happen!
Hmmm... What else has happened this week? I sang in a quartet for the fireside we had on Sunday. That was super fun! Okay and then ya know how I said I couldn´t love anyone more than my last Latina roomies? Well... That was al ie. My new ones are the BEST!! Hermana Lemus is my fav. She is from Chile and she literally is a Latina version of me. I always tell her ¨Da me su cuerpo¨(It´s best if you don´tknow what that means lol) and she thinks it´s hilarious! She likes to make fun of me a lot too. We love talking about funny stuff, but then half the time we don´t understand eachother which makes us laugh even harder. The other night we literally stayed up an hour after we were supposed to go to sleep because we were laying in our beds and she was trying to describe a joke oto me in spanish and I understood for the most part but the jokes weren´t funny AT ALL but that made the whole situation even more funny. Then I tried to tell them a joke and I apparently said a really bad word in spanish, so that´s good. I´m officially thee most righteous missionary here hahaha.
I just really can´t believe I´m leaving here in a couple of days... I now have LESS than 17 months out here and I feel like that is no time at all! there are too many people that I want ot share the Gospel with in this short amount of time. I truly can´t take a single moment for granted out here in the mission. Same as when I come home! Life is way too precious and short for that. It is so important to live up to your full potential every moment of everyday! Always be looking for opportunities to serve others. My personal favorite: Just look for ways to put a smile on the face of each person you come in contact with. Then if you do that, how could you not be constantly smiling yourself?
Sorry I feel like I had WAY too much to say this week. Hopefully it didn´t bore ya´ll to death! Remember... THE CHURCH IS TRUE! I love all of you so much. MUCHO. P.s. Next email will be from Uruguay! Ahh!
Hermana Sanders
Oh Nick- Tengo un chiste para usted: ¡Qué es más verdadero que el Libro de Mormón? A mis caderas, ellas nunca mienten!

hahaha please tell me you get it! Shakira?? haha love you!

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