Thursday, September 18, 2014

Email from Week #3 - Argentina MTC

Hola Familia!
Another whole week already over... Time is FLYING! I can´t believe I have less than three weeks here now. It´s crazy. I feel so unprepared! We just barely got new Latinos last week and they´re already leaving on Tuesday. I looove all of the new Latinos. Especially the Hermanas i nour room I know a lot more Spanish now so I´ve been able to get a lot closer to them than the other ones. We sing a hymn every night before our "family prayer." and we also rock out to the one Taylor Swift song that they know in English haha. I sing A LOT here. It was awesome, the other night we had a Pitch Perfect style "riff off" with the elders through the door separating our hallways of bedrooms and it ended with us singing the "we´ll bring the world his truth" medley. It was actually way sweet! I feel like a nerd though lol. I get entertained wayy too easily here.
Oh and good news! I´m thinking that my flirt to convert theory is going to work well here, because the Latinos LOVE norte americano chicas. I figured taht out proselyting and here at the CCM. It was sooo funny-awkward the other night at dinner. Hermana Townley and I were stitting next to a bunch of Latino Elders and so we were doing the best we could to talk to them in Spanish. And this is kind of hard to explain in english and not as funny but I´ll try my best. So anyways, we were talking about random stuff and then Hermana Townley and I started whispering about how cute the elder from Uruguay was (Elder Sanches) but apparently edler Petrina understood what I said and he about died laughing and he called me to "arrepentimiento" hahaha. Then he asked if I had a Novio (Boyfriend) and I said no... And then he basically was like "Good! You can pick from any of us to get married in the temple tomorrow!" so I said "Todos ustedes!" (Basically, I choose all of you) and they thought it was HILARIOUS. I was crying from laughing so hard. Now everytime they see me they ask me to go to the temple with them haha. Missionary humor... This is sad lol.
Okay, Anyways... I have to tell you about proselyting! First off, I´ve never heard the word Hermoso so much in my entire life until waking around the streets of Argentina on Saturday. It was such a cool, humbling experience to do that. Our aread that we were asssigned to was super poor and we just hopped on a bus to get there and walked the streets for five hours. Not too far into the day, we came across a member and he started freaking out at us an told us it was too dangerous for us to be there! so... We didn´t go back to that particular area haha. We met some AMAZING people. Although, we did get ignored and rejected a lot too. One of the first people we talkedt to was a young boy about our age. His name was Damian. He said he´s Católica, but he was very interested in what we had to say. It was hard though, because mí compañera didn´t say a WORD to these people the whole time we were out. So that made it hard... I´m pretty sure Damian thought I was hitting on him or something and that´s the only reason he gave me his info... Because afterewards, he kissed me on the cheek and told me how pretty my eyes and smile were. It was funny! Hence, "flirt to convert." It really was such a cool experience to do this. It was hard though. I felt like I might as well have been on my own out there, but I just made sure to work my butt off and talk to as many people as I could. We ended up with 33 contacts and we got 4 people who commited to meet with the missionaries and gave us their info. Plus, we got a guy name Ñahual to take a Book of Mormon and he commited to read it! So it was successful. It was awesome, we came across two tennis courts just made of straight dirt. There were some teenage boys playing so I freaked out! I told them I played tennis in the US and they looked at me like I was loco haha. Oh and I almost forgot! We got a freaking Jehovah´s Witness to read a pamphlet about José Smith and take it with her. Then I bore my testimony to her about the truth of the Book of Mormon and she was actually very accepting of it. She hugged and kissed both of us, and told us that we are doing an amazing job. Kinda strange that that happened, but it was cool. THE CHURCH IS TRUE!
So yeah, it´s been great here! the only crappy part is that I´ve been sick. But hey, mama, mí compañera is obsessed with essential oils just like you so I´m all taken care of!
And to answer all your questions about the food... Like I said I eat a TON of meat. Every frickin´meal haha. And Dulce de leche is in EVERYTHING here. I don´t love it though... So that´s good cause it keeps me from eating the sweets so I don´t get fat haha. We had fish for the first time the other night and it was sooo good. I can´t remember what it was called but I had never heard of it before. It was some type of long gray fish. It was really good though. Here at the CCM, the food doesn´t get too crazy. There was blood sausage one day though and I about threw up at even the sight of it. They have some really good pasta sometimes! Nothing too exciting or crazy though.
We had an amazing devotional yesterday. Richard G. Scott spoke about prayer and the importance of it. He said talking about our Heavenly Father: "He will ALWAYS hear your prayers and he WILL answer in peaceful moments when the spirit can touch your heart." I know that no matter what you pray for, our Heavenly Father will answer in a manner in which he knows is best for us. And he will never abandon you!! I mean... He´s our FATHER! and he wants to hear from us always.
Well you guys... I still miss ya´ll more than you will ever know! Thank you so much for all of your prayers. I can feel them and it gets me through each and every day! I love you so much. Have a good week!!

Hermana Sanders

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