Thursday, September 11, 2014

Email from Week #2 - Argentina MTC

Mi Familia! Hola! ¿Come está?
How is everyone? I freaking loved ALL of your emails! It makes me feel so good to be able to read them. Even if I don´t have enough time to respond to them... I hope this will do, and know that I really do love and appreciate every single one of them! I miss you guys A TON. All of you. But I am doing sooo amazing!! This last week has been a lot easier. It´s crazy that I could go from being so sad to being SO DANG HAPPY in such a short ammount of time. I´m so stoked to get out in the field and start serving, but I´m gonna be sad to leave this place. I mean it is kinda like a prison, but more like a... first class prison lol :)
It was so cool to go to the temple last Thursday. That is the highlight of my week, so I am reeeeaaally excited to go again today! I was surprised how much of the session I was able to understand even though it was completely in Spanish, and we didn´t have any cards to read off of or anything like that... But I felt the Spirit SO strong. It doesn´t matter what language it is in.
The first two weeks that I have been here, it has been JAM PACKED with tons of missionaries. More than theý´ve ever had. But a lot of them left on Tuesday morning, so we got to have a picture day with everyone, so Mom I'll send you more pics that you can put on my blog for anyone who wants to see them. We get a ton of new missionaries today! Seven new norteamericano hermanas and then the presidente told me that we´re getting too many latina hermanas for him to even count. haha So I´m excited. I was so sad to see them leave though... I got really close with two hermanas that had already been here for four weeks when I get here and they seriously brought so much comfort to me! One of them was the one that gave me that talk. Which is this by the way:"More than conquerers through Him that loved us" by Paul V. Johnson of the seventy. Seriously GO READ IT! It´s so good. and will make you feel better about absolutely anything. I was super sad to see my latina roomies leave too. As I started to be able to understand and speak more spanish, we became really close and I freaking love them. There were six of us hermanas in one room with ONE bathroom so that was interesting. But we made it work:)
My Spanish is actually coming along really well now! I mean everyone in my district that took four years before coming here are doing a lot better, but I´m super solid at praying and bearing my testimony now. AND I´m teaching like half hour lessons all in Spanish too, to fake investigators. Plus mí compañera doesn´t know squat about spanish so I basically have to do it all. It´s good for me though! We´ve now committed THREE "investigators" to baptism! And even though it´s fake, I can always feel the spirit so strongly in our lessons. It´s really cool! Oh yeah and Nick, I now have the ENTIRE Joseph Smith´s first vision memorized instead of the first line hahaha. I shared it in a lesson and the teacher/investigator legit teared up. I felt so good about it!
As confident as I am now, I am freaking terrified for Saturday! Idk how to spell it in English, but Saturday is our first proselitismo! Each companionship gets their own area, and we just take a bus out to that area and go start knocking on doors and contacting people and just teach them in español! kinda crazy. I´m excited though. It will be nice to get out and to be able to explor Buenos Aires! Knowing me, I´m gonna get really lost and it´s gonna be a disaster but it´s all good haha.
It will be fun with my companion too! I really do love her to death. She is seriously professional at braiding and doing hair so she does my hair every single morning, and it´s sooo nice! That part will suck without her. Oh and ya know how she´s from Lake Powell? Yeah, k so she told me that this summer just like a month ago, they shut down our mexican restaurant that we always go to because of health code! So no more mexican food for us in Powell... Sad huh??:(
My favorite part of the days here is still physical actividad. It´s so nice to be able to get out and move around after sitting all. freaking. day. Hermana Townley is da BOMB and we jog around the perimeter for half the time and then we do abs the other half. It´s PERFECT. So yeah, sorry I haven´t gotten fat quite yet hahaha. Sometimes for physical activity, we´ll play sports and other stuff though and that´s way fun too. I played ping pong, just me against two other elders (Elder Green and Elder Brown) and I kicked their butts. It was great. Haha and I also kick butt in basketball which is fun, except I swear the hoops here are cursed. Still fun tho:)
The food here... It´s good not great. Sometimes they have some amazing stuff though! And I´m defintely getting my protein in. I eat sooo much meat... like HOLY COW. ahaha get it? Cow?? yeah anyways... It´s a lot of food for every single meal, but I never finish it. And they weren´t kidding about dulce de leche. It´s on EVERYTHING. I´ve only had it like once though cause for some reason sweets haven´t sounded good to me at all. I think I´m still sick from all the treats at my farewell lol.
The weather here is fine. It just feels like early spring! I swear there has only been two days here so far that it hasn´t rained all through the night and morning. We had an insane thunder and lightning storm that shook this place all night. It was pretty legit. I just hope it´s nice weather on Saturday!
I have thee best district too. We have all become so close and I love it. We probably don´t study as much as we should cause we talk all the time, but it makes it more fun and that´s definitely important! Elder Wehrhahn and I have become super close too. He really is my best friend here. It´s like having another brother here, and he always makes me feel better! love him to death.
A typical day here isn´t too exciting. It goes by pretty fast though considering. We wake up at 6:30, go down to breakfast at 7, and then go up to our district classroom for personal study. And it depends on the day, but the rest of the day just consists of personal study for an hour, companion study, language study, teachers come in for like an hour at a time to help us with gospel stuff and then language stuff, we teach our investigators, physical activity, TALL (which is a computer language learning program) and then we "Plan" for the next day (AKA party in our classroom and talk about who knows what). It really is a blast here and I am LOVING it! I miss ya´ll so much though. I love you! And I will talk to ya´ll in una semana!
Hermana Sanders

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